Kohler Marine Generator

Engine Features
  • Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to Tier III marine auxiliary standards.
  • Closed cooling system
  • Heat exchanger
  • Oil drain valve
Generator Features
  • Remote start 12-pin connector
  • Voltage regulation of ±1.0%
  • Rotor and stator are coated with a high-bond epoxy varnish. Varnish helps prevent corrosion in high-humidity areas.
  • Copper windings ensure minimal heat buildup. Insulation meets NEMA standards for class H insulation.
  • Direct connected to the engine, the generator has sealed precision ball bearings with a precision-machined steel sleeve in the end bracket to prevent shaft misalignment and extend bearing life.
Hertz 60 Hz
Generator with sound shield
Width 528 mm (20.79 in.)
Height 559 mm (22.01 in.)
Length 780 mm (30.71 in.)
Weight, wet 222 kg (490 lbs)
Generator without sound shield
Width 448 mm (17.65 in.)
Height 536 mm (21.12 in.)
Length 743 mm (29.26 in.)
Weight, dry 181 kg (398 lbs)
Weight, wet 185 kg (407 lbs)
  • Sound shield
  • Siphon break
  • Line circuit breakers
  • Remote connection/extension harness
  • 12-inch remote wiring harness
  • Line circuit breakers

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