03 Series

The Kubota 03 Series is well recognized for industrial applications. With numerous features such as a built-in solenoid, low fan position, and single side serviceability, this engine offers excellent performance characteristics and application flexibility.

  • Cleaner Emissions – Compared to conventional Indirect Injection and Direct Injection engines in the same class, Kubota’s 03 Series has attained cleaner exhaust thanks to E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System–Kubota’s highly efficient combustion system produces an ideal air/fuel mixture by creating 3 vortexes in the combustion chamber. This results in better cross flow of air and exhaust gases, lower air intake temperature, and improved combustion efficiency.)
  • Low Noise – Noise levels during load and no-load operations are kept to a minimum with Kubota’s renowned low-noise diesel engine technology and E-TVCS.
  • Quick Start Ups – “Quick Glow” system comes as standard equipment to shorten preheating time and quicken engine start up in cold temperature.
  • Highly Reliable Engine – Based on Kubota’s original sturdy design, the engine promises great reliability and long service life with advantages to meet most any application.
  • Accessories / Options – A full range of accessories / options are available to meet customer’s requirements.

EPA Tier
Gross Intermittent
Maximum Speed
Combustion system
Intake System
D1503-M-E3B4 interim23.8 / 31.928003IDINaturally Aspirated
D1703-M-E3B4 interim26.1 / 35.028003IDINaturally Aspirated
D1703-M-E4B418.5 / 24.822003DINaturally Aspirated
D1803-M-E3B4 interim27.9 / 37.427003IDINaturally Aspirated
D1803-M-DI-E3B4 interim27.9 / 37.427003DINaturally Aspirated
D1803-CR-E4B428.0 / 37.627003DINaturally Aspirated
D1803-CR-T-E4B4 / Stage IIIB37.0 / 49.627003DITurbocharged
V2003-M-E3B4 interim32.6 / 43.728004IDINaturally Aspirated
V2203-M-E3B4 interim35.9 / 48.128004IDINaturally Aspirated
V2403-M-E3B4 interim36.5 / 48.927004IDINaturally Aspirated
V2403-M-DI-E3B4 interim36.5 / 48.927004DINaturally Aspirated
V2403-CR-E4B4 / Stage IIIB37.4 / 50.227004DINaturally Aspirated
V2403-M-T-E3B4 interim44.0 / 59.027004IDITurbocharged
V2403-CR-T-E4B4 / Stage IIIB48.6 / 65.227004DITurbocharged

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