WG Series

Kubota’s liquid-cooled gasoline and gasoline/LP engines are designed for low emissions while meeting the same durability standards as Kubota’s diesel engines. These gasoline engines both meet the CARB-ULGE and EPA Nonroad Emissions Regulations.

By replacing the carburetor with Kubota’s LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) kit, these engines can run on LPG.

Quiet Operation

These engines feature a “tunnel” design crankcase and a newly designed high camshaft with lightweight valve train components. These features combined produce an overall noise level 8~10 dBs less than comparable air-cooled gasoline engines.

Longer Service Life

Both the WG752-E and the DF752-E are built according to the same rugged design and construction as the D722-E diesel engine. Electronic ignition, special carburetor and a sealing mixer to prevent dirt ingestion are also key features contributing toward longer engine life.

Quick Start-Up and Stable Operation

These engines’ specially designed heated intake manifold and fully transistorized breakerless ignition provide excellent cold starting and stable operation in all weather conditions.

EPA Tier
Gross Intermittent
Maximum Speed
WG752-G-E3318.3 / 24.536003Unleaded gasoline
WG972-G-E3324.2 / 32.436003Unleaded gasoline
WG752-GL-E33gas 18.3 / 24.5 LPG 17.5 / 23.536003Unleaded gasoline, LPG
WG972-GL-E33gas 24.2 / 32.4 LPG 23.1 / 31.036003Unleaded gasoline, LPG
DF972-E22gas 24.2 / 32.4 LPG 23.1 / 31.036003Unleaded gasoline, LPG
DF100524.2 / 32.537503Unleaded gasoline, LPG
WG1605-G-E3342.5 kWm / 57 hp36004Unleaded gasoline
WG1605-GL-E33gas 42.5 kWm / 57 hp LP 41 kWm / 55 hp36004Unleaded gasoline, LPG
WG1605-L-E3341 kWm / 55 hp36004LPG
WG2503gasoline 45.5 kWm / 61 hp LPG 46 kWm / 61.7 hp4Unleaded gasoline, LPG

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