D2868 – LE426

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Cylinders and arrangement 8 cylinders in 90° V arrangement
Operation mode 4-stroke diesel engine, watercooled
Turbocharging Turbocharger with charge air intercooler and waste gate
(1-stage: D2686 LE 426, 2-stage: D2868 LE 436)
Number of valves 4 valves per cylinder
Fuel system Common Rail direct fuel injection with electronic control
Engine lubrication Closed system with forced feeding, oil cooling and filtering
Type of cooling Plate heat exchanger, seawater cooled
Engine control Electronic injection control (EDC)
Electronic engine monitoring including diagnostic
Fuel DIN EN 590
Technical features
Type designation LE 426
Displacement (l) 16.16
Maximum output to DIN ISO 3046-1 kW (hp) 735 (1,000)
Rated speed (rpm) 2,300
Maximum torque (Nm) 3,340
at speed (rpm) 1,300 – 2,100
Lowest specific fuel consumption (g/kWh) 209
Exhaust gas aftertreatment
Exhaust gas status IMO Tier II,
EPA Tier 3 2),
RCD 2013/53/EC,

1) The rating is according to DIN 3046 /1

Type designation LE 426
A-Overall width (mm) 1,153
B-Overall length (mm) 1,745
C-Overall height (mm) 1,243
D-Top of engine to crankshaft (mm) 765
E-Length of engine from front end to edge of flywheel housing (mm) 1,243
Average weight of engine ready for installation (dry | kg) 1,780

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