MAN Marine Engines

MAN Engines offer a perfectly coordinated power spectrum for heavy duty (200–1,000 hp) operation with powerful acceleration and high tractive force. They are the ultimate in terms of reliability and efficiency in freight and passenger shipping as well as in trawlers, tugs and push boats.



At sea, ships and boats have to contend with elemental forces, while harbours require them to navigate precisely through the narrowest of corridors.

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Discover benefits like maximum torque at the most fuel efficient point of operation.

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Discover benefits like maximum torque across a large range of engine speed for a powerful and steady acceleration.

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Discover benefits like class-leading compactness for a space-saving design.

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Discover benefits like best fuel consumption values and long service intervals minimizing the TCO.

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Discover benefits like world-wide service network with rapid spare parts supply.

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Discover benefits like low acoustics and low vibrations with MAN Marine Engines, a reliable driving force.

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MAN is there for you from the outset. Where qualified guidance is needed for the installation, our experts are at your side with advice and practical assistance.

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MAN Genuine Parts are characterised by their quality and precise fit. Combined with the qualified and professional work at MAN service centres, they ensure reliability.

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Worldwide partners ensure a service network for marine engines. As you can see we are there whenever and wherever you need us.

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We’re the worry free option, with a network of trained marine service professionals in Canada.