MAN D2862 Dual Fuel



Cylinders: 12

Displacement: 24.24-liter

Bore: 128 mm

Stroke: 157 mm

Output: 749 kW


Model D2862 Dual Fuel
A-Overall width (mm) 1940
B-Overall length (mm) 1153
C-Overall height (mm) 1355
D-Top of engine to crankshaft (mm) 890
E-Length of engine from front end to edge of flywheel housing (mm) 1630
Average weight of engine ready for installation (dry | kg) 2270

MAN D2862 H2 Dual Fuel

More Hydrogen. Less Diesel. Less CO2 Emissions.





The base of the MAN D2862 Dual Fuel engine is a proven V12 marine diesel engine. In that, hydrogen is introduced into the charge air via an adapter and is added to the combustion cycle. The combustion process is thereby started according to the diesel principle, which requires the injection of approx. 5% of diesel fuel. The diesel fuel common rail injection parameters have been optimised here for dual fuel operation.

MAN Engines has long-standing experience in the development of fuel-saving and reliable diesel engines, including for work boats. Building on this experience, the best consumption values in dual fuel operation could be achieved and ensure the same operating behaviour as displayed by diesel operation at full load.

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