07 Series

The new Kubota 07 Series engines have been designed to comply with EPA Interim Tier 4 (Option1) emissions regulations, which are the most stringent in this size range. The Kubota 07 Series engines also comply with EU Stage lllA requirements.

The Kubota 07 Series engines offer the benefit of one year longer validity than Tier 3. Therefore, these engines are good through the end of 2012 in both the North American and European markets, which would save engineering resources for the future Tier levels.

Kubota’s unique cylinder block design was developed using Kubota’s original casting technology allowing for a larger displacement within the current 2.4 L compact engine package.

The improved cooling system with a main water gallery and water passages between cylinder bores as a countermeasure against heat load provides high power density and superior endurance.

EPA Tier
Gross Intermittent
Maximum Speed
Combustion system
Intake System
V2607-DI-T-E3B 4 interim 49.2 / 66.0 2700 4 DI Turbocharged
V2607-CR-T-E4B 4 53.0 / 71.1 2700 4 ID Turbocharged
V3307-DI-T-E3B 4 interim 55.4 / 74.3 2600 4 DI Turbocharged
V3307-CR-T-E4 4 55.4 / 74.3 2600 4 DI Turbocharged

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