V3 Series

Kubota presents the world’s first E-CDIS (Centre Direct Injection System) type combustion system diesel engine. This advanced 4-valve system is made exclusively for the V3 DI series.

The engines are available as normally aspirated or turbocharged. They have achieved higher output, higher torque rise and cleaner emissions.

Kubota’s original E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) has been improved. The airflow, combustion chamber and piston recess were optimized to provide a 25% lower particulate matter (PM) level, resulting in a better condition compared to engines that only meet EPA Tier 3 regulations in this class.

EPA Tier
Gross Intermittent
Maximum Speed
Combustion system
Intake System
V3600-E3B4 interim49.8 / 66.826004IDINaturally Aspirated
V3600-T-E3B363.0 / 84.526004IDITurbocharged
V3600-T-E3B363.0 / 84.526004IDITurbocharged
V3800DI-T-E3B374.0 / 99.226004DITurbocharged
V3800-CR-T-E4B474.5 / 99.926004DITurbocharged
V3800-CR-TI-E4B485.0 / 114.026004DITurbocharged

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